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About Asfour Crystal

Asfour Crystal’s roots date back to 1961, originating as a humble company in Egypt to lay a solid foundation for global success, marked by artistic heritage, as well as refined craftsmanship where every piece embodies a unique story.

Over the years, Asfour Crystal factory has witnessed the birth of aesthetic masterpieces while swiftly evolving to become the largest crystal manufacturer worldwide with leading presence in more than 70 countries around the globe through an integrated industrial complex that divided into four factories: 

  • Crystal Factory 
  • Chandeliers Factory 
  • Crystal applications and gifts
  • Decoration Factory

Utilizing the latest in technology, powered by prolonged years of market expertise the company introducing its unlimited possibilities to transform dreams into impressive reality, in addition to unmatched precision across all stages of its operations; from choice of materials to timely delivery and seamless installation, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for all clients where convenience comes first.

Asfour Crystal’s name has become synonymous with the world’s most impressive projects, thanks to its unrivaled experience in leaving a unique mark that crowns any given space to transform it into picturesque work of art that inspires light, life and special moments.

Asfour Store is an online store for crystal products made by Asfour Crystal. You can find here Lightings, Gifts, Accessories and Crystal Parts.

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Now you'll be the first to hear about special offers and promotions